In March 2020 we started a new production for the successful audiophile label Analogy Records. We gathered around producer Roberto Vigo to  record of a new master tape album titled "Unconventional Standards". This time I had the pleasure to work side by side with some of my favorite musicians on earth: Fabio Gorlier (piano), Stefano Profeta (doble bass), Mattia Barbieri (drums). 

As always, Roberto Vigo's accurate recordings will let expert audiophile listeners experience the magic of acoustic music. The perfect pitch of each double bass notes, the crystal clear sounds of Zerodieci Studio's resident Yamaha C7 piano, the delicate touch of Mattia's brushes on the snare drums... Music with its meaningful silences and breaths, all wrapped up in a luxurious master tape ready to stun you. 

The tracklist of this album was a true musical challenge. In fact we explored some of the most famous contemporary and vintage pop hits and worked hard to own them and deliver them to you as if they were originals.
If your curious enough, you can find the complete tracklist here

One more intriguing fact: this album is an exclusive product of Analogy Records and will be published only as a master tape. 

We're looking forward to share this music with you and to know your feelings about it. 


Vocals: Andrea Celeste
Piano: Fabio Gorlier
Double Bass: Stefano Profeta
Drums: Mattia Barbieri

Producer: Roberto Vigo
Assistant Engineer: Gabriele Ruggeri

Recording Studio: Zerodieci Studio

Label: Analogy Records

Photo credit: Francesca Ricciardi
MUA: Francesca Bucci