In 2018 I had the pleasure to receive a phone call by long time friend and colleague Alessandro Collina and author Giannino Balbis who asked me to take part to a new intriguing project named "Fables of Naples". It was a project dedicated to the city of Naples and its amazing songbook. 

Untile then, I hadn't seriously faced this repertoire and I thought this could be a good point to start, so I accepted to participate and to be the singer of this brilliant concert. I can't help but thank both Alessandro Collina and Giannino Balbis for inviting me. 

Each song that I learned is a unique gem composed of profound poetry and melody, a small universe in which feelings get to be the center of life itself. Passion, nostalgia, enchantment, jealousy, mystery. There's no corner of human complex nature that wasn't visited by these great Neapolitan poets and composers. 

Many of you don't know that despite I was born and raised in Tuscany, I sink my roots in Irpinia, Campania: therefore this project gave me the chance to explore and connect to an unexplored (and fundamental, I must say) part of my being. Thanks to "Fables of Naples" I experience new sounds and colors of my voice, natural reflections of ancient words I can feel deep within my soul. 

Those who had the chance to be in the audience during this concert were captured by the incredible story of goddess Partenope, masterfully delivered by its own creator Giannino Balbis, and by the richness of Neapolitan music. Listening to Giannino during the concert, I find it hard to go back to my performance as I find myself overwhelmed by emotion and absolute respect for the lives of these fables' protagonists.

I can't wait to be back live with this project and to have you close to us while we walk in the narrow streets of one the world's most wonderful cities. 

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Photo credits: Ilaria Paderi