concerto natale
On the 11th ecember 2020 we received a gift: the gift of making music together after months in silence. 

A private Christmas Concert live streamed from a wonderful historic location in Genoa, Castello Coppedè. 

We couldn't imagine to take part to such great team work during these complicated times in which distance seems the constant of our days. 

For this occasion we had the chance to work with an extraordinary team. Together, we created the magic of Christmas despite we all had just received the bad news of a Christmas lockdown and the cancellation of our New Year's concert. For this reason, this concert to us  and to our audience, was a message of hope and a breath of fresh air

I am more than happy to share with you some photos of this concert, hoping they will steal a little smile. 

I would like to thank my fellow musicians, the audio and streaming team led by Roberto Vigo and Gabriele Ruggeri and all our partners who supported the project. 

With this photos and with our album "Christmas Wonderland" we wish you happy festivities and a 2021 of rebirth. May this new year's joy ease the pain and fear of the year we're leaving. 

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Voce: Andrea Celeste
Pianoforte: Luca Lamari 
Sax: Paolo Maffi
Contrabbasso: Federico Fugassa
Batteria: Roberto Maragliano

Concept and production: Andrea Celeste 
Location: Castello Coppedè / 
Design: Typelovers Events /
Audio: Zerodieci Studio / 
Streaming service: Zeroedit / 
Dress: Atlahua / 
Photo: Francesca Ricciardi / 
MUA: Marzia Pistacchio /  
Hair: Nadia Tissone
Backstage: Alfrez /